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Dear Valued Customers,

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that Longenecker’s Hatchery continues to conduct our operations in order to support our customers during this COVID-19 pandemic.


These are challenging times and we must all do our part, both professionally and personally, to curb and limit the spread of COVID-19. We continue to direct our employees and associates in the best possible manner with regards to health & safety, while also continuing to serve and supply our valued customers.


While the governor of Pennsylvania has recently announced a work closure for all ‘non-essential’ businesses, we are pleased to share with you that Longenecker’s Hatchery, as a supplier of broiler hatching eggs and broiler chicks supporting the Food & Agriculture Sector, is considered ‘essential’ and  ‘life-sustaining’ to the overall food supply chain infrastructure. Thus, Longenecker’s Hatchery will continue to operate, however, mindful of the consideration to the various restrictions and challenges that are impacting travel and supply chain logistics.


Our company owned hatching egg supply comes from several regions in Pennsylvania and is managed by our breeder department personnel consisting of service techs, vaccination & moving crews and egg truck drivers all of which follow strict biosecurity measures regardless of the current COVID-19 challenge yet with an increased focus on individual hygiene practices.


The same can be said of our staff here at our hatcheries in Elizabethtown. Our hatchery team members, chick delivery drivers, maintenance department, mechanics, supervisors, office staff and management have been and will continue to take all precautions necessary to maintain our health and well being while we navigate this unusual period in time. Our desire is to be ‘good fellow citizens’ considering the welfare and health of others while ensuring that we as an essential supplier of poultry do our part to sustain that supply to our many loyal customers.


We at Longenecker’s would like to thank all our customers for their understanding and patience as we remain dedicated to serving each one dependably during this time.


Daryl Hilsher


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