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Pullet Service Technician

updated 11/6/2023

Position Summary

Responsible for engaging contract farmers, partnering with them to manage designated broiler pullet chicken flocks in central PA. Responsible for carrying the company vision to the farm, to deliver excellence and the opportunity for continuous growth:

  • to our farmers… in engagement, expectations, tools and accountability

  • to our chicks and birds… in maintained standards for poultry management and welfare


This includes performing all activities necessary for establishing and maintaining high productivity in the assigned poultry flocks.

Hours and Schedule

Monday through Friday (very occasional weekend availability required)​

The typical shift is 9 hours but can range from 6 to 12.

The typical start is 5:00 AM to 6:00 AM, depending on drive time, but can range from 3:00 AM to 7:00 AM. 

Self-discipline and strong personal accountability are required to plan your own schedule. Your presence is essential to set the example and to set expectations for delivering excellence consistent with our standard operating procedures.

Qualifications and Skills

  • 2 years of broiler or pullet breeder service technician experience preferred

  • completion of a 2 or 4 year Animal Science or related degree preferred but not required

  • strong personal integrity

  • self-motivated to be efficient, resourceful, detail oriented

  • strong commitment to teamwork

  • excellent communicator with leadership skills

  • able to give clear, concise directions

  • excellent follow up and follow through

  • able to problem solve and prioritize for completion of workload in a timely manner



  • travel weekly to an established route of flocks

  • interact daily with farmers, managers, and a team of other service technicians

  • ensure execution of standard operating procedures and processes



Commensurate with experience, starting at 55k/year

Detailed Duties

  1. Coordinate duties, processes, activities related to the assigned flocks:

    1. calculate feeding program amounts and weighs birds

    2. coordinate or performs blood testing of flocks

    3. schedule field vaccinations of the birds

    4. coordinate the movement of birds, delivery of propane, and shavings

    5. record flock data into data bases accurately

    6. engage in weekly meetings to review flocks’ performance

    7. attend meetings and training sessions to improve knowledge base

  2. Field duties and responsibilities:

    1. perform field vaccinations and/or administers medications

    2. weigh, handles pullets, hens and males

    3. communicate with farmers and crew in order to optimize flock performance

    4. become familiar with breed poultry quality programs such as NPIP

    5. perform all operations following biosecurity procedures

    6. troubleshoot equipment malfunctioning

    7. perform all work with a high level of animal welfare standards

Excellent Benefits at 30 Days

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